Monday, 1 October 2012

What the Reader's.eBook.Club is all about

The purpose of the Readers eBook Club is to help readers to discover the eBooks that will delight them.  In doing this it will:

·         Introduce eBooks, with a short description;

·         Comment on some eBooks, from the subjective point of view of the reviewer, to give the prospective readers an idea of what to expect;

·         Provide information on the price of the eBooks and where they may be downloaded;

·         From time to time, arrange promotional offers on certain eBooks.

Readers are welcome to contribute their own comments and reviews, and writers and publishers may submit their own eBook for review and offer.

In the nature of a blog, the publisher does not take responsibility for any views or comments posted which are not its own.  Readers.eBook.Club reserves the right to edit any submission, and to refuse to publish any submission or comment for any reason.

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