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The Downloading of Adrian Squire

Book Title:  ‘The Downloading of Adrian Squire’

ISBN: 9781780690346

Part of Series:  No

Author:  Catherine Pearce;]

Available at:  Smashwords


Price:  $2.99

Number of words (approximately):  85 783

Star Rating (of five):  Five

Summary:  Adrian is retrenched from his job in the City, a job that has shaped who he is, and that has become the focus of his life.  He finds that being a stay-at-home husband is not as easy as it appears, and his ego is gradually demolished by the removal of his work persona.  His forcefulness, developed by his demanding job, becomes overbearing, and his family starts to fall apart.  His good fortune in having a loving wife, a delightful daughter and two very dissimilar friends enable him to ride out the storm, and to find his feet again.


- Adrian shrugged, a shifty look in his eyes. Gavin’s frown deepened and he pushed his glasses up slowly and sighed.
“Are you telling me that you and Georgie haven’t discussed it?”
Helen rested her chin on her hands and looked at Adrian from beneath her long lashes, a slight smile curling her lips.

“Georgie didn’t know until this morning,” he admitted.

Gavin’s face contorted in disgust.

“You didn’t tell her!”

“No, there was so much going on that it just slipped my mind. Anyway if she hadn’t been gallivanting with her bloody boss then she’d have known, wouldn’t she.”

Gavin shook his head.

“Please tell me you didn’t say that to her?” He threw Helen a furious glare. She smiled silkily back at him and placed her hand on Adrian’s arm, gently stroking his taut muscles. He felt the beginning of a growl forming in his throat and coughed.


“Yes actually I did, it’s the truth.”

“The truth according to Adrian Squire, you mean,” snarled Gavin, shaking his head.

Adrian bristled with affront.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that I love you like a brother but you can be a spoilt bastard at times,” he explained calmly.

Adrian’s jaw gaped.

“Spoilt bastard!”

Helen decided to enter the fray.

“Tut, tut, I think Gavin has a soft spot for Georgie.” She gently squeezed Adrian’s arm in sympathy.

“Shut up, Helen.” Gavin glared as she gave him a glowing smile. “Look, Adrian, all I’m saying is that you and Georgie need to be in agreement over the kids, and if you’re that bothered about her working then I suggest you get yourself a job and stop moaning.”

Adrian recoiled as if slapped and then his shoulders slumped in defeat as he admitted miserably, “I know, but there’s definitely nothing in the city for me.”

Gavin stamped down on his impatience and cajoled him as you would a child.

“Well try something new; you never know, you might even enjoy it.”

Adrian’s eyes lit as a light bulb went off in his mind and he smiled at Gavin excitedly.

“That’s it, I’ve got an idea.” He jumped up, rudely dislodging Helen, and clapped Gavin on the back. “Thanks, mate, I’ve got to go. See you later,” and yanking on the lead he hurried off, dragging Max behind him.

Gavin smiled at the look of indignation on Helen’s face.

“Not losing your touch are you?”

She wiped the scowl from her face and leant across the table, breasts straining against the flimsy material and looked pointedly from them to him.

“You tell me,” she purred and licked her lips, very slowly.

He flushed and jerked to his feet, tearing his eyes away angrily. He forced himself to relax before he replied.

“I think maybe you are.”

She smiled and shrugged.

“We’ll see.”

He turned and walked away, thrusting his hands into his pockets to prevent them from throttling her.

“Bye darling,” she cooed to his retreating figure. -

Reviewer’s Comments:

Structure:  The book reads well, with good formatting, use of language, grammar and syntax.  It is written in colloquial English, and is unmistakably set in England.

Content:  The book tells the story of Adrian, a high-flyer who is retrenched and has difficulty coming to terms with his new reality.  He finds that he knows less about his family than he suspected, and the tension at home compounds as his search for employment remains fruitless, his suspicions about his wife increase, and hers about him.  It is a magnifying mirror of many families’ lives.

Reviewer’s Comments:  ‘The Downloading of Adrian Squire’ is a rollicking tale of domestic bliss and conflict, with lots of action and emotion.  It is easy to identify with most of the characters, and to empathise with them.  The author has managed to portray real people in a very convincing, uncontrived way.  The book is fast-moving and entertaining.  I read until midnight, then carried on at four the next morning!  It is enjoyable, engrossing, fun, and certainly worth reading.  I have put Catherine Pearce on my list of authors to look out for.

Karin Buechler

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