Monday, 8 October 2012

John Smith: World Jumper. Book One: Portal to Adventure


Part of Series:  John Smith:  World Jumper Series

Author:  E Patrick Dorris

Price:  Free

Number of words (approximately):  63 930

Star Rating (of five):  Three


John Smith, an American soldier in World war One, is seriously wounded.  He falls into a portal that transports him instantly to a different world, fully healed.  There he undergoes a series of adventures, gradually gaining control of his ability to accelerate to a high speed and to move from place to place through portals.  


- I took a second to look around. Luckily my eyes had adjusted as well as could be expected to the darkness, and I saw several large four legged shapes moving through the darkness. With my legs free I stood, thankful that I still wore my fatigues and boots. However, other than the small knife I wore at my belt, my other equipment including my pack, rifle and other accoutrements was missing. They might have been inches away, but in the darkness I had no hope of finding them by sight.

Thinking rapidly, attempting to formulate some sort of strategy, I felt around the lower end of the fur lined platform which extended several feet further towards the ground. I was heartened to feel the frame outline of my backpack, but of my rifle or ammunition pouch there were no sign.

Much closer than I had expected, I heard a low growl, very canine, yet also distinctly from a large animal.  Even as the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and not because of the cold, the mammoth decided it was done with waiting and began walking rapidly away. I followed the beast thinking being near such a large animal was preferable to facing unknown attackers alone. At the same time I wondered where the woman rider and other mammoth were.

My predicament seemed truly dire.  I am not one to panic, but as other growls became audible in the darkness, interspersed with occasional perplexingly deep and voluminous barks, I must admit to coming close to doing so. Facing a known opponent when armed is one thing, facing an altogether different and unknown threat, when unarmed in the dark, is something else entirely. -

Reviewer’s Comments:

·         Structure:  This eBook is well structured and easily readable, although with several irritating typos and a number of incorrectly-used words.

·         Content:  The story holds together well, and moves at a rapid pace from adventure to adventure.  It is exciting reading, though not profound, and with no ‘points to ponder’.  It makes the reader want to buy the sequel and carry on with the story.

·         Reviewer’s Opinion:  My father had a treasured collection of the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series.  I loved reading them, as a distraction for my mind from the stress of studying for my degrees, and as a way of relaxing for half an hour.  This book is a worthy successor to those books.  It is told in the first person, with beautiful Princesses and evil bad guys, horrible monsters and, of course, several heroes!  Download it and read it one evening – you’ll love it.

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