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'Run!' by Nicole Stuart

Book Title:  Run!



Part of Series:  Integra Series, which includes:









Meteor Impact



ISBN 9781465719430 

Author:  Nicole Stuart 

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Price:  $4.99 

Number of words (approximately):  64738 

Star Rating (of five):  Five 

Summary:  A beautiful young Chemical Engineering Consultant is looking for a project.  Her last one in South Africa did not work out, as the company went into liquidation while she was en route to take up the position.  A man who claims to be the agent for a group of investors requests her to fly urgently to Germany to evaluate a refinery that his clients are about to buy.  Sandra does that, and is caught up in a severe high-speed accident on the Autobahn.  When she recovers consciousness, she is in a hospital in Munich, without any memory of who she is, without any money or identification, friends or background!  She comes under the protection of a genial, gentle Bavarian couple in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a unique village in the German Alps, and is plunged into a maelstrom of murder, deceit and corruption, as she fights to recover her memory.

Eventually, as pieces of her memory start returning, she works out that she has a key role to play in the prosecution of a number of highly-placed politicians and officials in South Africa and company officials in Germany, Italy, France, Britain and Sweden, companies that paid huge bribes to get massive munitions contracts in the early years of the development of South Africa, a time that saw the rise of organised crime in the country.  Her knowledge poses a risk of large fines and lengthy imprisonment for the culprits, something that they are determined to prevent!  As her knowledge of what has occurred grows, so do the threats to her and her associates!


- As they came closer, the helicopter came in sight, still hovering at its station.  They slowed down further, watching.  Then the helicopter lifted its tail and accelerated towards the service station.  They watched fearfully as the aircraft sped towards the building.  In horror, they saw a puff of smoke appear at the side of the aircraft as a rocket sped out of its tube.  Another puff appeared a second later, and the two rockets sped towards the blue lights, trailing a line of blue-grey smoke.  There was a massive explosion, closely followed by a second, and the Police car lifted into the air, its doors and trunk lid blown off.  The car thumped to the ground, burning furiously.   Red and yellow flames were shooting through the cloud of greasy black smoke rising from the wreckage.  Wilhelm drove past the entrance to the service station, and Sandra watched as the helicopter turned, and headed down the road in the direction they had come from, towards the bridge.  Before they lost sight of the service station, they saw that one of the cars, the one from the back, exited the service road and headed in the same direction, towards the border, while the second car turned across the median strip a short distance behind them, and hurtled down the road, flashing past them at high speed.-

Reviewer’s Comments:

Run!’ was my entry into the ‘Integra’ series, and I loved it.  It is well written, with good character development, an exciting and gripping story related to real-life events.  It is easily readable and un-put-downable. 


The essentials of a good, well-written book are all present – good use of grammar and syntax, no clichés and slang, no spelling errors or typos.  I read it in the Epub format, and it reads well.  It is also available in all other standard formats.

Content:  The book sets out a realistic story, based on a huge corruption relating to the purchase of armaments by a Government.  The main character is a young woman Chemical Engineer who is caught up in a plan to launder the proceeds of that corruption.  There is a high-speed accident on the Autobahn, and she loses her memory.  As she struggles to recover her identity in a strange country, she becomes the target of a group of criminals who fear what she can reveal. 

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