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Recovery! by Nicole Stuart

Book Title:  Recovery!


ISBN  9781301861897

Part of Series:  Yes – ‘Integra’ series, sequel to ‘Meteor Impact’

Author:  Nicole Stuart 
Available at:  Smashwords,  Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Diesel, Baker-Taylor, Sony

Price:  $5.99

Number of words (approximately):  94 183

Star Rating (of five):  4

Summary:  The meteor strikes described in ‘Meteor Impact’ have devastated parts of the world, and the team now gets to work to save what it can and rebuild what has been destroyed.


- The guards came running out of the camp to take up their assigned positions, each one carrying a rifle.  Some of them were fumbling for the ammunition clips in their belts.  They came into sight of the men approaching the camp.  The result was immediate.  The leading man half rose from his position of concealment and hurled his long spear.  It flashed across the short distance to the guard, and struck him in the chest.  The guard went crashing down.

The other men rose, as if on command, and threw their spears at the running guards.  One guard took a spear in the throat, and the remaining guard dropped, a spear through his thigh.  The approaching men ran over the short distance to the guards.  Those who had thrown their spears recovered them from the bodies of the fallen guards, jerking them free of the bodies, holding the injured or dead guards down with one foot while they did so.  Their spears recovered, the men carried on running up to the camp.  Now, knowing that they had been discovered, they made no attempt to hide, relying on speed to carry them through. 

The security guard who had gone to the other side of the camp was on the radio, calling in his native language, the sound of fear clear in his voice.  His voice was almost a shout, distorting what he was saying to the extent that it was not possible understand him.  When there was a break, Johan spoke.

“This is Johan.  There are about ten men attacking the camp.  They have taken out three guards.  They’re coming in from the east.  Take cover immediately!  Ashraf, do you read?”

“I read you, Johan!  What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure!  We saw about ten armed men approaching the camp from the west.  When the guards came out, the men threw spears at them.  I’d say that two of the guards are either dead or severely injured, and the third is badly wounded in the leg!  The men have entered the camp.”

Johan waited briefly for a response.  There was nothing.  Fearing the worst, he thumbed the Transmit button again.

“Ashraf, are you there?”

Again, there was no response.  There was no sound from the camp, no movement.

“Stay here under cover, Brenda!  Keep away from the truck.  If they’re intent on robbing us, they’ll come to the truck!”

“Where are you going, Johan?”

“I’ll try to get us some rifles and ammunition.  I think that they’ll come back for them when they’re done in the camp, so it’s our best chance now!”

“Take care, Johan!”  Brenda wanted to say much more.  She had developed a real liking for Johan, for his gentle character, his willingness to do any work, and his clear thinking.  She restrained herself, knowing that now was not the time to broach that sort of subject.

Johan moved off silently, moving from one bush to another as he approached the nearest guard, the man who had been speared in the throat.  He could see that the man must be dead.  There was a jagged wound on either side of the man’s throat, and a huge pool of blood beneath him on the ground.  He scrabbled the last few meters to the rifle, then, picking it up, he reached for the ammunition clip in the holster on the man’s belt.

Brenda was watching from the cover of a dense bush.  She saw Johan, bending down as he searched for the ammunition clip.  She saw a man coming up behind him, from the same direction as the other men had come.  He had obviously been left behind as a sentry!  Brenda found that she had taken hold of a fist-size rock.  She called on her experience in softball at school.  She had been an ace pitcher!  She stood silently, doing her best not to attract the man’s attention to her.  She saw him lift his arm, sweeping it smoothly back, the spear in his hand steady as he aimed, almost instinctively, at Johan, who remained unaware of the deadly threat.  Brenda wound up, sweeping her arm round in an underarm throw.  Her pitch was as good as it ever had been.  The fist-sized rock flew through the air, hit the man on the temple.  There was an audible thump, and the man collapsed in a heap, dropping the long spear to the ground.  Shocked, Johan looked around, saw the man falling.  Realizing that he was probably safe for the moment, he unlatched the leather band holding the ammunition clip in the guard’s belt holster and pulled the clip from it.  He stood, rifle held ready and searched for any further threat as he inserted the magazine in the rifle and worked the bolt.  There was nothing.  After a careful look around the area, he went on to the next fallen guard, knowing that he had to rely on Brenda.  In the patchy darkness, looking against the flare of light from the sun, now dropped below the western horizon, it was impossible to see far enough to ensure that no-one was approaching. -

Reviewer’s Comments:

Structure:  The book is well-formatted in accordance with recommendations.  The language used is good, the grammar and syntax good.

Content:  The content is suitable for all ages.  It is partly technical in nature, but suitable for general readers.  It examines the failings of governmental attempts to make things happen.

Reviewer’s Comments:  Although this book is capable of being read on its own, it forms a continuum with ‘Meteor Impact’.  The story ranges around the world, analyzing the likely effects of a major – but not extinction event level – meteor impact on the Earth, and how the team appointed to the task sets about making preparations for the strike, and then recovering the world’s economies afterwards.  Nicole Stuart likes to add real value in her books, and this one is no exception.  Think about the problems of preventing economic collapse, an almost certain outcome if a meteor were to hit a major economy, then read this book to find out what you have missed! 

The story line is credible, the characters real and likable, the movement fast. 

A recommended read.

Karin B


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