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Lost! by Nicole Stuart

Book Title:  Lost!

ISBN  9781466191969

Part of Series:  Integra Series - Integra ,

Author:  Nicole Stuart 
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Price:  $4.99

Number of words (approximately):  53 356

Star Rating (of five):  Four

Summary:  Two executives are traveling to Australia when their executive jet runs into a cloud of volcanic dust, killing the engines.  The aircraft crashes into the sea ahead of a hurricane, and only Don and sally, his boss, escape.  They keep alive until the reach an island, where they have to establish a new life.  The hope of rescue is dashed when they find that the boats that arrive at the island belong to pirates, preying on shipping in the area.


- “How long will we be floating around like this?”  Sally asked the question, dreading the answer.  The amount of open sea surrounding the point where Don estimated them to be was frightening.

“I don’t have any good answer, Sally,” he replied.  “It depends on many things.  The duration of the storm, our exact position relative to the storm, its track, our rate of drift, the rate of current in the area.  Other things too.  But my best guess is at least a week, possibly up to three weeks before we come to any land.”

“A week to three weeks!”  The thought of having to endure these conditions for that long appalled Sally.  “How can we keep alive that long?”

“Water is the biggest problem we face, Sally.  We can live for five or six days on the water we have.  We can live without food for several weeks.  If I die, you can eat me!  That’ll keep you going at least a couple of months!”

“Don’t you dare die on me, Donald Bennings!  I’ve got plans for you!  And you promised to introduce me to your parents!”  Sally spoke the words jokingly, as had Don, but there was an element of seriousness behind them.  It was not lost on Don, but he chose not to take up on it.  Sally lay back and turned her head to face Don, her eyes mere inches from his.  “How do you rate our chances, Don?”  Her voice underscored the uncertainty she felt.

“I’d say fair to good, Sally.  Much better than a half hour ago, when we were in the plane, and even better than ten minutes before that, when we were about to crash!  It’s uncomfortable, but that will improve as the storm subsides.  We’re past the worst now.  We’ve survived a plane crash in the ocean in a hurricane!  What more can you ask?”  Don spoke the words in a light tone.  He did not want to lie to Sally, nor did he want to analyze the real situation too closely.  To be stuck, drifting in a flimsy liferaft in a severe storm several hundreds of miles from the nearest land, without an accurate position fix, food, warm clothing, radio or any of the necessities of life that he would plan for in such a situation was certainly not to be taken light-heartedly, but moping would achieve nothing.  Good morale was critical in such a situation.  He looked into Sally’s eyes, finding them particularly interesting in the half-light.  She saw that he was looking at her eyes.

“They’re a little funny, I know!” said Sally.  “People sometimes comment about them!  Even if they don’t comment, I can often feel them looking!”

“I would not call them funny, Sally.  They are certainly unusual, even disconcerting, but not funny!  They’re very attractive.  They’re beautiful.  They’re like you.”  Don looked again, and was rewarded with a smile from Sally.

“How long will this storm last?”

“It will probably blow over in a day or two.  I‘m not sure of how fast it’s moving, or even what our position is relative to the eye of the hurricane.  I’d guess that we’re on the south-west edge of the storm, quite far from the eye.  If that’s the case, it will be past us in a couple of days at the most, but it could be longer.  These storm systems are hundreds of miles across.  We’ll just have to wait and see!  There is nothing we can do about that at the moment.”

This news did not make Sally happy.  She was cold and wet, and becoming uncomfortable on the floor of the liferaft.  The size of the raft was not enough for either of them to extend their limbs, taller than average as they were.  They could not stretch out straight in any direction.  She was certainly not looking forward to spending the next few weeks in that position. -

Reviewer’s Comments:

Structure:  The book is well written and presented, with no obvious errors or failings.  It reads easily and smoothly.

Content:  The book tells of an episode in the lives of two people, of how they rise to meet the challenges of survival in a situation where many would give in to despair.  The characters are well described and credible, the situations are realistic, the action flows without hiccups. 

Reviewer’s Comments:  The characters in this book are almost real to me – I feel that I know both of them well, and I felt that I was involved in their situations.  After Run!, this is my favorite book in the series.  I read it in one sitting, and, when I was through, I was keen to buy the next book on my list of Nicole Stuart’s works.  She has become one of my favorite authors!  Strongly recommended!

Karin B


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