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Intrepid by Nicole Stuart

Book Title:  Intrepid by Nicole Stuart

ISBN  9781301018703

Part of Series:  No

Author:  Nicole Stuart

Available at:  Smashwords, Barnes and Noble , Kobo, Apple, Diesel, Baker-Taylor, Sony

Price:  $1.99

Number of words (approximately):  59 397

Star Rating (of five):  4

Summary:  A lone sailor is persuaded to take a couple of passengers on a voyage from the Bahamas to Gibraltar.  The voyage reveals the true characters of his passengers, a woman and her half-brother, and turns into a contest between good and bad.


- The night passed, and they stood together to witness the traces of dawn.  The sky was too heavily covered to permit any star or sun sight, and Celine realized clearly how dangerous it must have been, before the advent of modern navigation aids, to sail about in the vicinity of islands in these conditions.  They could still see the faint loom of the light they had passed, as well as one on Faial, that became visible shortly before dawn.  Celine practiced her rapidly developing navigation skills by using a combination of the direction of the two lights and dead reckoning from her last fix to work out their position.  She was delighted when she confirmed from the GPS that her estimate was less than a mile off!  Shortly after dawn, the rain stopped briefly and the clouds lightened, sufficiently for them to see the island of Faial.

It was a sight to treasure in life’s memories!  The island consisted of high cliffs topped by green fields with white houses dotted around, a fairytale picture.  The combination of green and white was so intense against the grey of the shy that it was almost painful to look at.  Jon and Celine stood at the side of the cockpit, hand in hand, soaking up the sight of the beautiful island after so long without the sight of land.  They did that for fifteen minutes as Intrepid crawled slowly alongside the island, until the rain closed in again, all but obliterating the sight.  Celine turned to Jon, her heart overflowing with joy, and hugged him.  Her happiness was complete!

It took several hours for them to round the south end of Faial, then they sailed slowly up the coast to the north, entering the huge bay and sailing up to the concrete jetty.  Only one other boat, a rusty tramp steamer, was tied up.  Jon brought them up to the jetty expertly, bucking the swirls of wind that intruded on the bay.  Celine jumped ashore with the midships line and fastened it on the bollard there, then took the bow line from Jon, while he jumped ashore to tie the stern line.  They had arrived! -

 Reviewer’s Comments:

Structure:  The book is well-structured and easy to read, without hindrance.

Content:  The book tells of the travails of a voyage across the Atlantic, with storms, calms and threats, obviously with a real-life fund of experience.  It is a good sailing tale, and has a fascinating content of modern-day piracy.

Reviewer’s Comments:  The book is exciting and real.  It meets one of my tests well:  do I care about the characters?  I did!  And I loved the book!
Karin B


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